Axel Rembrandts Television s.r.o.

The company Axel Remmbrandts Television s.r.o. was established in 1997.
At its beginnings there were people with long term experience from Czech Broadcast,
Czech TV, Kabel Plus and studio Fatem, which produced the news for TV Premiera,
later TV Prima.
Throughout its existence the company has made dozens of documentaries which were
shown on Czech TV, also the Christian TV channel NOE, on Slovakian satelite tv channel
VTV and were broadcasted by two of the biggest cable TV providers in Czech Republic
UPC and Karneval.
The company Axel Rembrandts Television s.r.o. has contributed to these programmes
on Czech TV: Objektiv / Object lens / (trips to the USA, Belgium, Greece e.t.c),
Toulavá kamera / The Wondering Camera /, Divadlo žije / The theatre is alive /, Artmix,
and Křesťanský magazín / Christian Magazine /.
It has also made some documentaries, for example Roky už se toulám / I have been
wondering for years / (a portrait of the singer Bob Frídl), Premonstrates
from Grimbergen (about the Gregorian choral performed by Belgian monks) e.t.c.
Also the company has cooperated with the Design Centre of Czech republic to produce
a series of 26 episodes called Design Trend which showed the history and the present
of Czech as well as international design.

On cable TV we have broadcasted magazine series such as Motoristický magazín
/ Magazine about driving and cars /, Magazine Style, Magazine for Gardeners,
a programme called From the Galerries of towns and villages, parts of the enjoyable
music programme called Ladies club from the Brno club Šelepova no.1, or country
music oriented programmes such as the programme Ladies and Gentlemen...
In the area of documentaries we can mention some of the profiles of politicians
and public figures that were produced in our company. For example those of: Mr Tomáš
Julínek, minister, Alena Venhdová, senator, Mr Zlatuška, Zahradníček, Sehnal, senators,
ex minister of defense Mr Vetchý as well as some public figures from the cultural
and sports areas, for example, Mr Petr Hannig, composer, Mr Milivoj Husák, painter,
Mr Marek Štěpán, architect and Mr Karel Jarůšek, football coach.
The company also engages in the making of company presentations, for example for
the Czech-Austrian company SIKA, spice manufacturer Progast, foundry Alfe, a building
company Dosting, producer of design lights Lucis, Czech-Austrian company
Eddy Schlager and others.
We have also produced the documents about cities and villages, for example
about Vyškov, Lednice, Štamberk, but also a presentation about the Austrian
association of towns and villages Joglland in Styria.
As for the sports area the company Axel Rembrandts Television covered a whole season
of baseball matches of the team Brno Draks, it also used to cover boxing matches
and the matches from Interleague for many seasons. We also filmed a coverage about
the Böttcher Rally,The Eprin Cup as well as the international tournament of juvenile
soccer Morava Cup.
The company Axel Rembrandts Television s.r.o. has at its disposal the following
technology: the technology for HDTV, record of high resoultion, Sony videocameras,
Canon and JVC, editing systém Macrosystem, Pinnacle Liquid or Avid x-press.


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